reThink Food


The Culinary Institute of America

Download the Conference App

The conference app is an incredible resource when planning your time at reThink Food, allowing for you to easily connect with fellow attendees, find out more about sponsors, presenters, and sessions, and so much more! A separate email has been sent with instructions on how to download the app, which we encourage you to do before arriving on campus; the event code is rtf2018. To further enhance your experience at reThink Food, make sure your profile is public! This will allow other attendees to have your electronic business card in hand, making networking a breeze!

Using Social Media During the Conference

Enhance your conference experience—and expand your network—by joining the conference conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. When posting during the event, please include the 2017 reThink Food hashtag (#rTFood). If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to follow us on those same platforms, as we’ll be posting live throughout the conference.We are @CIALeadership on Twitter.