The reThink conference app is an incredible resource for planning your time at reThink Food, allowing for you to easily connect with fellow attendees, find out more about sponsors, presenters, and seminars, and so much more! We encourage you to download the app before arriving on campus. To further enhance your experience at reThink Food, make your profile public! This will allow other attendees to have your electronic business card in hand, making networking a breeze.

Download instructions here, or follow the instructions below to download the app and set up your profile:

First, get the app:

  1. Go to your app store (App Store on iPhone or Play Store for Androids) and search for CIA Industry Leadership. You can also access the web version of the app here:
  2. After the app is installed, click on CIA Summits.
  3. Then select reThink Food.
  4. When prompted for an event code, enter “rtf2016”, then select, “Download Event.”

Complete your profile:

  1. By default, all attendees are listed on the attendee list.
  2. The information you see is automatically loaded from your conference registration, but you can delete any information that you don't want to share (such as your address or phone number), or make any necessary updates.
  3. Only the information you include on this profile page will be visible in the app to all others using the app.
  4. Add a picture! You can do this directly on your phone or online at
Looking for more ways to network during the conference? Check out the chatting and appointment setting features within the app!

So don't worry about running out of business cards, remembering your new mobile number, or fumbling with that glass of wine when trying to write down your details—it’s all in the app.