reThink Food


The Culinary Institute of America

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Audience members at the reThink Food Conference.
Tish Van Dyke from Edelman delves into the insights provided by the annual Edelman Trust Barometer, exploring the key factors that increase and decrease trust when it comes to business.
Pork Belly Citrus Salad with Jalapeno and Long Pepper served at the Saturday reception.
Physician entrepreneur Molly Maloof, Ian Peikon of Google X, Nathan Price of Arivale and Shireen Yates of 6SensorLabs discuss the personalization of healthcare services. The panel session explored innovations in digitalized and personalized healthcare, from new technologies and wearables to implications in the relationship between consumer and producer.
John Markoff of The New York Times interviews Randy Komisar about what big brands can learn from artisanal companies, and characteristics entrepreneurs need to be innovative for tomorrow’s market.
Salmon smorresbrod served during a break.
Attendees enjoy food and wine during the reception in Greystone's historic Barrel Room.
CIA Chef Patrick Clark's German Butterball Potato and Cricket Dumplings with Beech Mushrooms and Kale Chips
Mark Bomford of the Yale Sustainable Food Program, discusses what we’ll produce and eat tomorrow, and how to push consumers’ boundaries of taste, cultural context, and acceptance.
During interactive sessions, attendees broke out into small groups to ideate around a variety of thematic areas related to food and business innovation.
A taste of uni served at the Barrel Room reception.
Gwyneth Borden of Golden Gate Restaurant Association, Kirsten Saenz Tobey of Revolution Foods, and Kat Taylor of Beneficial State Bank discuss how we can rethink the ways food—products, practices, and policies---are designed, delivered, financed, and scaled.